Dead Sea Salts and Honey Beauty Ritual

Beauty ritual

First and most important step: make sure all your make up is off and that you tone your face.

Face scrub: 1-2 teaspoons of bran and a tablespoon of Dead Sea salts. Mix them and then rub them gently and thoroughly all over your face and neck. Make sure you moisten your skin before scrubbing.

Simple mask: white clay, filtered water and half a teaspoon of barley grass powder.

It’s light and detoxifying. Cleans your skin of any dead cells left and nourishes it- about 10 minutes

Honey mask: take some organic honey and massage it into your skin, face and neck. It’s a bit tricky not to have it slurring on your face, but practice makes perfect. I put a tablespoon in my palm and then spend the next few minutes massaging it into my skin. It gives me a wellness and calmness feeling, not to mention baby skin- about 20 minutes

Scrub for the body: organic olive oil mixed with a couple of tablespoons of the salt. I love it when it’s a bit dense, but combine it to your own taste.

After shower moisturising step: I used jasmine oil (I have added few drops of rose essential oil)- feels lush on your body 

Cream for the face: ointment with olive oil, calendula oil and beeswax- made at the beauty course I attended at the beginning of March.



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